01 Dutch Revolt and Republic

The Dutch Revolt, broader Eighty Years War, and the political developments that would lead to the Dutch Republic.

The Aftermath of the 1573 Siege of Haarlem

File this under “things could always be worse.” The city of Haarlem, just west of Amsterdam, was decidedly not part of the early turmoil and revolt that began spreading across Holland, Flanders, and Brabant in the 1560s. There was no…

1570 Letter to an Exiled Walloon Father and Husband

An example of the human experience from history. These were people like you and I. The years following Philip II’s ascension to the throne of a united Spain and the Seventeen Provinces of the Low Countries saw a dramatic rise…

Map of the Cities & Battles of the Dutch Revolt

The Dutch Revolt ravaged the Low Countries: pitched battles were fought in the countryside, dozens of towns were besieged, and murderous pillaging plundered the countryside. Use this map to orient yourself to the locations of significant battles, cities, and towns.

Also includes an inset map detailing post-Reformation religion in the northern provinces.

The Many Would-Be Kings of the Dutch

Thought it would come to be well known as a republic, the statesmen and soldiers that fought to establish an independent Dutch state certainly imagined - at first -that their new country would have a sovereign Prince at its head.