Exploring the Renaissance-era Low Countries

Beginning in the middle of the 1500s, the seventeen difference provinces of the Low Countries would experience tremendous political and cultural upheaval—change that would birth the Dutch Republic and lead to its Golden Age.

I’m Will Phillips, a history enthusiast from the United States who’s found this time and place utterly compelling. I’m here to share these remarkable stories and provide resources for your own historical research.

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History of the Renaissance Netherlands

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Map of Northwest Europe, c. 1560

The Europe of the mid sixteenth century, at the dawn of the Dutch Revolt, was one of contrasts: a transitory peace between major powers with roiling social and religious turmoil about to boil over into war and carnage that would continue into the following century. By this point in European history, you’ll note many familiar names, but an equal number of borders and states that exist in vastly different ways in the 21st Century.

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Scholarly Resources and Blog Updates

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  • Early Modern Dutch Language Resources
    Understanding a language from four hundred-plus years ago is a challenge: spellings are not standardized, word meaning change, handwriting is alien, and idioms are lost. This is made more complex when English speakers must learn and translate early modern Dutch. Here are some resources I use.

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