Exploring the Renaissance-Era Low Countries

Beginning in the middle of the 1500s, the seventeen difference provinces of the Low Countries would experience tremendous political and cultural upheaval—change that would birth the Dutch Republic and lead to its Golden Age.

I’m Will Phillips, a history enthusiast from the United States who’s found this time and place utterly compelling. I’m here to share these remarkable stories and provide resources for your own historical research.

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Academic Programs & Communities

Scholarly projects, programs, university departments, and societies related to Renaissance-era Dutch and Flemish studies. Scholarly Projects & Centers Amsterdam Centre

Scholarly Journals

Relevant peer-reviewed journals with frequent - or occasional - articles and reviews applicable to Renaissance-era Dutch & Flemish Studies. Canadian

For Reenactors & Living Historians

References, merchants, and historical costumers for those interested in portraying the "long sixteenth century." This is a wildly incomplete list

Armorials & Wapenboeken

Collections of sixteenth century heraldry native to the Low Countries - or including significant numbers of heraldic arms from the

Bibliography 01: Dutch Revolt and Republic

A bibliography covering works about the Dutch Revolt, broader Eighty Years War, and the political developments that would lead to the Dutch Republic. Part of a larger Dutch and Flemish Studies Bibliography.

Bibliography 02: Culture of the Low Countries

A bibliography focusing on the culture, society, and lived experiences of the Renaissance-era Low Countries. Part of a larger Dutch and Flemish Studies Bibliography.

Bibliography 03: Northern Renaissance Europe

A bibliography of works about the broader Northern Renaissance, designed to set the Low Countries of the era in their proper historical and cultural context. Part of a larger Dutch and Flemish Studies Bibliography.

Bibliography 04: Religion and Education

A bibliography focusing on the religious developments and turmoil of the Renaissance-era Low Countries—Calvinism, religious exile, and smaller sects—as well as educational efforts of Humanist scholars and the university at Leiden. Part of a larger Dutch and Flemish Studies Bibliography.

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