06 Arts and Natural Philosophy

How the arts and the burgeoning world of natural philosophy (that would in time evolve into the scientific method) appeared in the Renaissance-era Netherlands. This is the realm of the chambers of rhetoric and the minds of Simon Stevin and Carolus Clusius.

The Lucky Life and Breaks of Painter Bartholomeus Spranger

Bartholomeus Spranger (1546–1611) was born the third son to an Antwerp merchant family with business ties to both Rome and Tunis in northern Africa. With his older brothers continuing the family business, young Bartholomeus made the most of his chances…

Ruckers Family Virginals and Harpsicords

The Ruckers family of Antwerp were active from the mid-1500s through the 1600s and are considered the "Stradivarius" of harpsichord and virginal makers. Their output was as much works of art as it was exquisite musical instruments.