Your Guide to the Renaissance Netherlands with Will Phillips

Website Coming Winter 2018

The Renaissance era Netherlands were shaped by vibrantly evolving cultural institutions, ravaged by a long war of independence, and driven forward by a cast of complex characters.

It made the Low Countries of that of that time a truly fascinating place, and I want to reveal that world to a broad, English-language audience who may be unfamiliar with its charms and drama.

That revolutionary generation of late sixteenth century statesmen, soldiers, and scholars who laid the foundations of the Dutch Republic will be my focus.

But to better understand the world they inhabited and the one they would create, I will occasionally touch on the the broader history of the Low Countries (from the 1482 birth of the Habsburg Netherlands through the 1648 Peace of M√ľnster) in addition to the rest of contemporary Renaissance Europe.

I've begun sharing and curating content to the Renaissance Netherlands Facebook page, and the companion blog will launch in Winter 2018. A podcast will follow soon thereafter.

My hope is that you’ll join me on this journey into history,

Will Phillips is an American history enthusiast researching the Dutch Revolt, Low Countries cartographers, and the print culture of sixteenth & seventeenth century Europe.

In addition to writing articles and podcasts, he applies his research of the era as a living history interpreter, portraying a fictional member of the eastern Dutch gentry ca.1580 as a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism at events across the Midwestern US.

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